Blackberry Curve V. Apple IPhone: War of the Smartphones

I’ll admit it…I can’t live without my Blackberry Curve smartphone. I didn’t have a cell phone until two years ago, and now I can’t make it through a meal or a full night of sleep without checking it. All of my friends have Apple iPhones and they say the same thing, but having tested out their devices, the choice is clear for me.

Blackberry Curve gt; Apple iPhone

1. Emailing and typing. The primary smartphone design aspect that drew me to the Blackberry Curve was the full QWERTY keyboard. I acquired the Curve, first and foremost, for work purposes. I was a bit dismayed by the size of the keys, initially, but soon mastered the trick of fingertip typing. When the Apple iPhone first premiered, I was intrigued by the advertised touch screen keyboard, but after testing it out, I was less than impressed. It was too easy to mistype on the iPhone-one stroke and three or more letters would appear. I spent more time deleting than typing. With the Blackberry Curve keys, your fingers register instant feedback, so you know if you’ve typed additional letters. This assurance makes me more confident about typing faster, and often, I don’t even have to look at the screen until I’m ready to send.

Both smartphones allow you to link multiple email accounts to the device, but the Blackberry Curve’s master email folder allows you to check all accounts at once. The Apple iPhone does not offer such a feed. You can opt to place a shortcut to each separate account on the Blackberry screen, but I find that I rarely ever use these individual icons.

The best (or worst, to some) feature of the Blackberry Curve is the red blinking light on the top of the smartphone that indicates when you’ve received a new email or text message or missed a phone call. I say worst because this little red light takes over your life if you let it-you’ll feel compelled to check every time it starts blinking. With the Apple iPhone, you have no such indicator and must unlock the phone and check each account to see new communications.

Other benefits of the Blackberry Curve:

• sent messages are shown in time order with received messages, if desired;

• fonts can be changed;

• shortcuts can be created to save time in adding signatures and frequently typed words or phrases

2. Phone function.I’ve had no problems with the telephone function of my Blackberry Curve. The smartphone does not get hot, even after lengthy use, and it is super fast when it comes to dialing people in your contacts list. You start typing the name and you are instantly presented with a list of possible numbers to choose from. I also like that you can put the caller on speakerphone by pressing a button and then take notes to memorialize the conversation using an easy-to-open application.

If I had an issue with the Curve, it would be that you cannot download or send any messages while you are actually using the telephone function. This is sometimes a problem when I’m on a conference call and need to reference a quick note sent by another party. You can switch views to see the existing emails, though, while talking. I’ve learned to live with this problem.

3. Size and security issues. Another reason I chose the Blackberry Curve was its beautiful and compact design. For having a full keyboard and reasonably sized screen, the smartphone is still only about 4 x 2.5 inches, the perfect size to slip into a back pocket. Plus, with a rubber skin placed on the smartphone, it is virtually indestructible. I should know…I drop it about once a week. The Apple iPhone, at 6 x 3 inches or so, is just a bit too big to comfortably hold or fit in a pocket. Plus, the new iPhone design is thinner and more slippery, which makes it very hard to hold on your shoulder when your hands are full.

Let me just say that I detest the iPhone’s automatic locking feature. It would drive me crazy to have to unlock the device after every five second lapse of using it. The Blackberry Curve will not keylock unless I lock it, a maneuver that takes a bit of getting used to, but that became second nature to me immediately after butt-dialing my mom at 2 a.m. from a nightclub.

4. Applications.

Camera: I have taken some very good photos with my Blackberry Curve. The screen is too small to see much detail, but there is a limited zoom feature. The Apple iPhone camera, I find, takes too long to capture an image after the button is pressed. Often, my hand moves during this time and the picture is blurry. Plus, the iPhone has no flash or easy-to-use zoom features.

Memory: With the iPhone, the memory it arrives with, which is considerable, is all that you have to work with. For a small cost, though, I can add smartphone memory cards with an additional 16 GB of space to my Blackberry Curve.

Calendar: The calendar is extremely easy to use on the Blackberry Curve. You can enter a quick appointment in seconds, and come back later to enter further information. Plus, you can choose between day, week, month, or next event views. The Apple iPhone’s calendar requires much more effort to us and typing in information presents the same problem described above. Further, you only have a day or a month view. Who uses the month view, really? Also, with the Blackberry Curve, you can choose the day you wish to view.

Blackberry Curve = Apple iPhone

1. Cost. Both smartphones are fairly expensive, though both Apple and Blackberry offer rebates after purchase. I got my Blackberry Curve for $350 minus a $100 rebate. My sister paid $450 for her iPhone, but she did receive a rebate (I’m not sure about the amount).

2. Cleanliness. This issue is a draw between the smartphones, in my opinion. The Blackberry Curve has a smaller screen that is fairly easy to keep clean of smudges, but it does have protruding keys that collect grime and must be cleaned. The Apple iPhone is one big screen that must be used to do everything, so it is constantly smudged and streaked by fingerprints and makeup residue. The touch screen on the smartphone will not work properly unless it is clear, so an owner spend a lot of time cleaning the screen off.

3. Linking up to social sites. I am a big Facebook user, so I downloaded the Facebook application for the Blackberry Curve. I’ve had no problems using it-it keeps me current on new messages and status changes with its instant synchronization feature. The Apple iPhone, though, does allow you to view a FB page as it appears on your laptop, which is often more informative. But, it is sometime hard to refresh the page.

Apple iPhone gt; Blackberry Curve

1. Appearance. I will acquiesce and state that the Apple iPhone is simply beautiful. The picture is crystal clear and the design is spare and classy. The Blackberry Curve can come off looking kind of clunky and the small screen does not afford you a view of websites in image form or details in pictures. Plus, Blackberry technology cannot compete with the iPhone’s cool fingertip picture/website enlarging feature.

2. Photographs. Speaking of pictures, the Apple iPhone can store hundreds of photos without appreciably slowing the functioning of the smartphone. Before I invested in a memory card, I could store about 15 pictures on my Blackberry Curve before the memory filled up. It was worse than an iPad’s memory. Several times, the large photo files caused the device to crash.

This is a quick rundown of the differences between my Blackberry Curve and the Apple iPhone. Goodness knows, each device has its own posse of diehard, rabid fans determined to convince the other of the superiority of its product, but, honestly, both smartphones have a place in today’s market. At this point in my working life, however, I could not be more delighted with my choice of the Blackberry Curve.

Rules of using the hack tools and finding player tags

In 2016, Finnish gaming company Supercell has launched a strategy making a war based game named Clash Royale for Android and IOS platforms. Just like its nearby namesake Clash of Clans Clash Royale too has same rules and regulations. Like here also players will have a few resources provided at initial stages and based on those resources players have to build their town, decks, and clans. Later players can strengthen themselves by collecting more resources which they can do by going to war and win it. The most elegant resources are Golds, Gems, and Elixir, etc.

There are few notable things here that every player should keep in mind. The first thing is it will take huge time if you just rely on the way of capturing resources through winning a war and it is not guaranteed also that a player will win every war. So there are some alternative ways to get rid of this problem. In some short span of time, every player will be rewarded some gift cards that contains a certain amount of Gems or Gold or maybe cards and chests too. But the most favorable and used method is by using hack and cheats of clash royale free gems.

These techniques will provide you many working tools and links for gathering all the information you need to know about clash royale gems. This links will help you indeed for building your village and clans stronger than ever by providing unlimited resources at the selected time. Now after seeing this clash royale free gems working links and tools you have to follow some rules for using it. If we see this entire procedure from a gamer’s perspective, these hacking processes are a lot easier than you think it only takes 10 minutes approximately. From the starting of the game if you follow these rules properly then you can be showered with unlimited Gems and Gold. Some of these rules are:

Before starting this entire process of hacking the most important thing you have to do is writing down your player tag properly and just makes sure that it is written as per the given information.

After writing down the name of your player tag, open the hack tool and put the tag into the corresponding field.

You have to keep a simple thing on your mind, and that is you can use your Gem generator only once so after putting the player tag select your preferred number of Gems which you want to add to your Clash Royale account. You can only make your selection according to the given options here.

After finishing this step, you need to click on “Find my account” button and wait till the provider authenticate your choice.

In case you have used the cheats before you will be asked to make confirmation of your given player tag option with your account.

After the matches being confirmed, the tool providers will keep you waiting for a little bit of time, and it will run verification process.

On an average, it will take more than 5 minutes till the verification process gets over.

After this reopen the game on your playing device and check the new updated Gem store balance.

Player Tag: In the topmost left corner at the player profile section there is a tab which displays PT or Player Tag. Player Tag is an identification which every player needs to play Clash Royale. It starts with# and gets followed by some numbers and letters. You should always double check t because single wrong info can describe a whole another player.

So make sure that you have entered correct PT name and follow these hacking steps to get the key to an unlimited source of Gems.

Why hay day hack? Know the answer here

Hay day, one of the famous mobile game that every second person you know plays. It is a wonderful game on the list. It is a must try game if you are bored with the action or adventurous game. Try something new and become a farmer. Spend a day playing it, and you will not stop yourself from playing it further. That’s what others have tried. But the only difficulty that comes is to get coins. Well, we have a solution for that. Hay day hack is all that you need. Why? You will know the reason once you reach the end of this article.

Every person who loves mobile games is the fan of this game. Nobody has thought that a farming game will become popular in the generation who loves action and strategic games. Since its introduction, it has made the presence in everyone’s heart, and the proof is in front of you. Millions of new users are downloading this game every day. Originally it was introduced for ios users, but after looking to its popularity and demand it was also launched for Android users like most of us uses android mobile.

What is seen today is the need of hacks because players want to reach at the top and unlock its feature within no time. And therefore, hay day hack was developed by many of the web developers. These are pretty simple to use. What they offer is useful for those who are crazy about the game.

What does it offer?

It provides players the resources which are a bit hard to get through the natural process of playing. It let you get them without following the game’s procedure and that to be in no time. It means that you have to use it carefully but don’t worry none of the users have faced problem till now. These are completely secure and beneficial. So, what does it offer? Here is all that you can earn:

Coins- to buy all the necessary items like farm items, products, food for animals, etc

Hay Day Diamond Generator – to boost the speed of game and to buy decorative items

Gift cards and vouchers to enjoy the bonuses

How does it work?

Anyone who is a great fan of this game just wants to know how it works. Simply follow the steps:

Run the hack tool in the background of the game

Plug in the item you need

Click start

The process will take only a few minutes to complete. After completion, your request will be sent.

Why was hack made?

An answer to this question is pretty simple as nobody would like to play a game that will cost them more. All of us look for the ways that are easy and requires less effort. Therefore, hay day hack was made. Stuck in the game and leaving it incomplete is not what every player prefers. They need an easy solution, and that’s why it was made. One more reason is that since the game is very addictive, it was assured that many users would use it. And that could be the biggest reason to make it.

Hope, you got all answers and now convenience to use hay day hack.

Tips for playing Guns of Boom

Have you wanted to play this immersive game but you do not know where to begin or how to navigate the game? This article will give you some tips to help you succeed in the game..

2. Make sure to aim at the Head

Headshot damages are much more effective compared to regular shots, particularly on rifles. It may take time to get the perfect aim, but damage is a guarantee, as well as earning more points. Note that even non-fatal headshots increases your points.

3. Increase your Kill records

Teams are always competing against each other to get more points, and there are bonuses killing multiple enemies without dying. When you kill two characters (double kills), you get 12 bonus points. For three kills (triple kills), you acquire 25 points.

What is the lesson here? Do your best to stay alive by keeping your head low, and use kill records that give your team extra points.

4. Utilize Grenades

Ah yes, the grenades. They are super useful in almost all states. If you come across the enemy face-to-face and they have a sniper rifle, just toss a grenade. If your ammo is over, simply toss a grenade. To get grenades you will most likely need a large amount of guns of boom gunbucks.

5. Play for your Teammates

A very important fact – play for and with your team, utilize groups, and work together to defeat the enemy. Do not be a lone wolf – stick with allies.

6. Open free chests and claim rewards

After every six hours, new free chests show up. Do not ignore them, because they guarantee you more first-aid kits, gun bucks and grenades.

7. Take optimum Positions

This is the main key to success. It is so important, that even one player having very low power and seemingly ordinary weapons is capable of finishing off a complete enemy team if he shoots them from a hard-to-reach place or reaches them from behind.

8. Pick Your Own Gun wisely

Various guns contain varied rates of fire, magazine sizes, base damage, scope zooms, and accuracy. Each gun comes with special traits as well: some ignite the enemy, others freeze enemies; and others can even steal life. Know their specific descriptions, pick new weapons as you play in battles, and know the weapon that corresponds to your playing style.

9. Take advantage of playing with Friends

Make it even more fun by calling your friends to your clan. Maximum success is dependent on all members of the team, and if you trust them, the results can get better.

10. Enhance Your Skillsets

Even if these tips are amazing, they will not assist you if you do not know how to play. Keep enhancing your skills; take optimal positions, practice your headshots and you can find it easier to enter semi-pro leagues.

If you have an interest in trying the game, go ahead and download it from the Android and Apple app stores!

Tips for some Clash of Clans


Online games are in great demand these days, including a clash of clans hack 2018. Playing games online has great benefits such as they are very convenient and can be easily played anywhere. The online game helps you in providing various benefits as when you are new to the game, and you download these games they provide you with various benefits such as you get various free chances, and various gems that will help you in playing with ease. So clash and clans are one of the best games and gaining its popularity all over the world.

This is one of the special games as in this game you have to make many strategies so that you can easily unlock various warriors, get resources and build your own villages. Clash of clan game can be easily played for free, and at the same time, this will help you in making good decision skills. This game helps you in providing great opportunity and helps you in making your own village, defeating the warriors. You can easily save gold. This is one of the best games as it provides you with adventure and new challenges that make the game very fun loving and interesting. So that, player have the curiosity to know what are the challenges that he has to face the next.

Some of the tips for playing clash of clan games

Take your own time– one of the best secrets of the game is that for upgrading the game they take a lot of time in upgrading them. You have to make sure that your defenses so that you can make your own building. But you do not have to worry about as soon as you are developed it is automatically updated to the next level. This will help you in slowing down in the game and will also help you in leaving the village out of attacks for a week.

Save elixir from attacks– there are many ways through which one can save their elixir, even at the time when some is plundering your village and leaving you vulnerable. With the help of these elixirs, one can easily get to the next level so if you want to get the best result is it better to save them in great quintile so that you can get easily to the next level and can unlock your worriers.

Seek your inactive users– it is one of the best ideas that will help you in finding the players that are inactive form sometime. Finding the inactive players is one of the most difficult tasks as according to this sometimes they are being looted and sometimes they are the commonly known secret of the game clash of clan. So you have to find the player that are having gold mines and can collect the elixir. This will help you in saving the time and while you loot them.

Use shields– when you are in the middle of the game when you are being attacked or your town is being attacked to 40%. These games provide you with the great shield that will help


you in providing the shield for 12 hours. You can even get these shields for 4 hours and more as well. And these shields can only be available with the help of resources.

Get your revenge– there are many players who always want to take revenge so that they can make a great use of the secret that will help you in making the secret allowing you to inspect someone’s village. This is because this will help you in knowing his secret and can easily use someone’s attack against the other person.

These are some of the tips that will help the player in winning the games of the clash of clans.

Keep the Game Enjoyable with the Clash Royale Hack

After a day of hard work, you tend to look forward to indulging in something that would enable you to forget all the stress and let you relax. This is what is provided to you by online games. Online games tend to take you to a different world altogether, thereby ensuring that you can leave everything behind and be engrossed in what is in front of you.

Various options are available when it comes to online games. If you are looking for a strategy game which has a tinge of adventure to it, Clash Royale is just the game you should take a look at. Developed by Supercell, this is the kind of game which would ensure you do not notice the hours trickling by.

Another appealing thing about the game is that if you feel stuck at any point, you can seek assistance from Clash Royale hack which can be accessed with a lot of ease.
A Bit About the Game

The game is all about strategy and adventure as you make your troops and battle it out with gamers from all over the world. It is played with cards where a battle deck is to be selected. You also have the option of forming alliances with other players which makes the game more sociable and interesting.

To get ahead in the game, you need to upgrade your cards and get your hands on gems and gold, which would enable you to access the resources required to unlock the next level and proceed in the game. This is easier said than done and things can get quite frustrating at times, so much so that you feel like giving up on the game. It is at such times that you would find Clash Royale cheats to be of valuable assistance.

Speed Things Up
With a Clash Royale hack, you can make sure that your interest in the game remains piqued at all times. The hack provides you with the opportunity to acquire unlimited access to gems and coins, thereby making it certain that you do not have to face any problems when it comes to getting ahead in the game.

The thing about these hacks is that they are designed to provide you with optimal convenience. Therefore, you would not have to worry about going through a great deal of trouble to make use of them. Two main options are available for hacks. One option is to make use of online hacks and the other is to go for downloadable hacks. Whatever you decide to use depends on your preferences.

If you opt for online hacks, you will need to register with the site, which would require you to submit some details. Within a short span, the requested number of gems and gold would then be transferred to your account.
Some Factors to Pay Heed To

Before you make use of any hacks, it is important to do proper research, lest you get into trouble. There are a lot of faux options available on the internet and thus, you need to make sure that the hack you use is one that is reliable and would be capable of providing you with desired benefits. It would be a good idea to take a look at the reviews that the hacks have attained as this would make it easier for you to determine whether a certain site is worth your time.
Make Full Use of the Available Opportunity

A Clash Royale hack makes it certain that you do not have to think about giving up on the game you thoroughly enjoy. A little bit of effort is all that is needed for you to enjoy the game without any inhibitions.
Once you manage to find the right hack, there would be no stopping you. You would be able to play the game to your heart’s content without having to worry about how you would get ahead. Thus, you would be able to have maximum fun with optimal ease and feasibility. Therefore, do not let any inhibitions stop you midway. Make use of the hack to its full potential to get the results you are looking for.

A few things about Instagram Hack


The Need of Instagram Hack


Instagram on smartphone

Instagram is the most trending application which is loved by millions of people. There are lots of people always online and many people met their life partner here. If you also someone who met a girl or boy on Instagram then this is a good thing but there is an issue. Mostly there is an issue of insecurity while relationship. In this condition, most of the people want to know more about them because people are in long distance relationship. Everyone wants to spy their partner by getting into their social networking accounts and this is possible only by one method. The Instagram hack is the right thing to use in this condition because it can provide you the password of anyone. This is the most basic need everyone feels once in their lifetime and now, these types of tools can help. There are lots of tool like this but be selective in your approach while searching for the one because most of the hack tools are fake.


How Does It Work?

As you know that Instagram hack tool is designed to avail password of anyone but do you know that how does it work? Well, this works very simply because there are a couple of features added to it. Open the official website and here, you have to search the person you want to hack. After entering the name, search for it. A few people with the same name will be listed and you can choose the one you want to hack. On the other hand, if you know the username of the person then enter it. This way you can directly get started with hacking it. There is an option of Proxy; this will be off so turn it on because this thing keeps you anonymous. Keep on following the instruction and everything will be done in few minutes. Sometimes the tool asks for verification test which is needed to be completed. As you complete the verification then it will take few minutes and a password will be revealed to you. Open Instagram and log out your own account. Now, enter the username and password to log in. If the password is wrong then repeat the process of using hack tool. Now, the password will be revealed to you but make sure that you use it right then. Check out the chats of the person you have hacked account.

Is There Any Need Of Downloading Instagram Hack?

Well, there are lots of tools available online who do the same work and they also require downloading but we recommend you that be away from these tools. Most of these tools are spam and these can be harmful to your device. You should always consider the use of a safe tool like Instagram Hack is. This is the best tool available till now and it provides services 24×7. This tool is also helpful to those who are facing issue while logging into their own account. Make sure that you use it for a right purpose otherwise this can be the troublesome thing to you.

WildGames: A Different Way to Pay for Casual Games

Are you a fan of casual games like Bejeweled and Diner Dash? If so, you may want to check out WildGames.
Independently developed games have been with us since the home computer and the internet began to gain popularity in the early 1990s and ways to try out these games have changed along with the times. Most developers in the early years would offer a short demo online. Some of these demos, particularly roleplaying and strategy games, would let you get a taste of the game by offering only some of the levels. Others, such as puzzle and card games, would often leave out a few key features. If you decided to buy the game, you would be sent to a web page or ftp server where you could download the game in its entirety.

These days, almost all casual games have a limited-time demo, usually lasting one hour. Once you buy the game, an ‘unlock code’ is emailed to you. For many games, one hour is enough time to test out the game and see if it’s worth the money but there is that occasional game where you’re just not able to test out all the features in the timespan given.

Wildgames gives gamers a different way to pay for some of these games. When you visit the site, you’ll download a console that will list and let you download and install the 300+ games they offer for play. Your first two plays of each game will be free. The great thing about these two free trial sessions is that there’s no time limit! No more reaching level 2-3 and being reminded that your free session will end in 3 minutes.

Once your two free sessions are used up, you’ll need to use Wildcoins to play. WildTangent currently offers two ways to buy these coins. For $19.99, you can purchase 80 Wildcoins. Or, you can sign up for their monthly plan that gives you 75 coins for $12.99/month. The monthly plan is, by far, the better value and, if you think you won’t be able to play as much during a busy month, any unused coins roll over into the next month. Depending on various factors, each game costs 1-4 coins and, just like in the free plays, there’s no time limit on each session.

Of course, you do still have the option to buy each game outright. If you choose this route, the game is yours forever. This is probably a better option for games that you play for 15 minutes here and there. Also, if you’ve used Wildcoins on the games, you can get up to 50% off the purchase price. For every two coins you’ve used to play the game, you’ll get a 25-cent credit for that game.

Granted, this system can be slightly abused. After playing through the entire story of Chocolatier in one session, I have little desire to play again. But, there are games I come back to time and time again. Fate is an excellent Diablo-style RPG and Deep Sea Tycoon has great replay value.

Although most of the games that WildGames offers aren’t as involved as those aimed towards hardcore gamers, they’re still a great way to waste a Tuesday afternoon. And, for those people who only play a game a few times before retiring it, it can be a much cheaper option than paying the full purchase price.

Fast and Fun Video Arcade Games

Arcade games have been popular since the days of Pong and Pac Man. Back then, you had to go to a public arcade to play these games. Nowadays you have a choice, because you can play many of the same arcade games at home, on your PC, Mac, or gaming system. All of the speed of the arcade without the need to ever leave your house!

You have to be extremely fast to be able to play this online arcade-type game. The game is simple, but difficult to play. Your task is to keep your cursor, a tiny blue dot, safe from the exploding green balls. These spread outward from the red balls which appear at different places on your screen. You get extra points if you are able to touch a red ball, plus some of the green ones disappear. Lunatic starts slowly, with a single red ball sending the green ones outward, but the pace quickly picks up. More and more red balls begin appearing at random places on your screen, and the greens balls are flying all over the place. See how many points you can get before you get killed by one of the green balls.

Fast and Furious

The Fast and The Furious is a classic arcade racing game. You can play it in many arcades or buy the real thing for yourself. To play, sit in the arcade chair, grab the steering wheel, put your feet on the gas pedal and get ready to run the race of your life. You’ll feel like part of the action as you weave in and out of alleys, avoid pursuit and collect bonuses in a mad dash through the city. The game is suitable for all ages, though smaller children may not be able to reach and operate all of the controls. The adrenaline pumping speed of this game will satisfy even the choosiest racing game fan.

Arcade Shooting Gallery

The Arcade Shooting Gallery is made for the Nintendo Wii. For the most realistic arcade action, use this game with the Perfect Shot pistol accessory. To play, take on the role of either Tony or Melissa and explore a deserted carnival. You will have to stay alert if you are to survive this trip, as your character is frequently attacked by a host of creepy fairground inhabitants. Choose your weapon from the different ones available, including a bubble bomb blaster and a laser gun. Check out all five areas of the carnival to make sure you clear out the bad guys. If you aren’t quick they’ll get you first and it’s game over. Shoot them first and they’ll go down-maybe. Speed and attentiveness count in this game. Purchase it from video game retailers online or in person. Arcade Shooting Gallery is rated “E 10+” and is suitable for all players ages 10 and up.

Game Script: Lunatic

Amazon: Fast and Furious Arcade Game s;=toys-and-games qid;=1284450151 sr;=8-26

Nintendo: Arcade Shooting Gallery

Clash of Clans – How to be Economically Viable

Clash of Clans game is at the height of success with a lot of name in such little time. The developer and publisher of this game is supercell. Though this game came in a market last year but the popularity is unbelievable. Clash of Clans is appreciated by all youngsters and kids they like to play this game in their leisure time. This game is too much entertaining as well as an adventure that’s why people love it.  Resources are the main part of this game and you can see many tools which are specially designed for getting resources on a large scale. You can get many resources according to your demand with the help of Clash of Clans Cheats.

Is Clash of Clans Cheats reliable?

This hacking tool is so reliable and trustworthy and here are many points which can show this-

  • Companies never know that you are using such type of hacking tools which is most important thing. Gaming companies have right to automatically ban your account if you are using hacking tricks or tools that’s why there is a risk while using this. Clash of Clans Hack have some advanced function so it is difficult for gaming companies to find user’s id who are using this. This is the first and foremost thing which shows that these tools are trustworthy.
  • Clash of Clans Hack for android is virus free it means if you are using this then you don’t need to take worry about your device. Generally these types of hacking tools are cum virus which can harm your mobile device and we can’t take any type of risk. These viruses can damage your mobile on a large level so that you should be careful while using the tool.
  • This tool is online which is the biggest plus point because it decreases the chances of risk. There are two types of hacking tools are present and we can find both of them easily. Some tools are installable and some are online. Generally people avoid the online hacking tools and prefer installable tools but they are making mistake. They don’t know that online tools are better than others.
  • People give their review about the Clash of Clans Cheats and you can read all the reviews. In reviews, those people who use this tool share their experience. If you see that you can find the height of the reliability. Reviews are the best way to check anyone’s reliability.

Thus there are many points which show that you can blindly trust on Clash of Clans Hack. There is a myth in people’s mind that hacking tools are not safe for the game. They always ignore the importance of those tools. These hacking tools are so useful while fighting in the battle, in fact, they increase the chances of winning the game. They have the ability to make you winner of the battle so you can easily trust on them. They are really trustworthy and reliable tools which never harm you.