Clash royale hack a strategic game

The clash royale is a strategy game that involves the card and each card would contain a troop that must be placed on the other side of the battle field. The clash royale is mainly focused to beat your opponent either by destroying his middle tower or destroying more towers of your opponent in a short time.

The coins are the main currency that is used in the clash royale game and you can able to buy cards in the shop, purchase and upgrade your troops and to create more clanes. The coins are used in so many things within the game and it can be collected from chests and from battles. There are totally five types of the chest that are available in the clash royale

  • Silver chest
  • Golden chest
  • Giant chest
  • Magical chest
  • Super magical chest

You can able to collect more gems and coins from these chests.

The highest king’s level

Your level in the game is identified by arena towers in order to level up you must gain the XP form so that you can upgrade your troop cards and the XP will not come very fast until you join in the clan and you start donating your troops. The best arenas are

  • Giant which is used for big push and it is used in the most popular tank.
  • Goblin barrel and this card are used for the strong.
  • Valkyrie is used for the skeleton army.
  • Goblins and it is useful to kite the troops like the prince to the middle of the arena.
  • Knights it is a cheap off tank that allows the additional pushes as well as counter pushes.

The arena 2 has tombstone, minions, balloon, skeletons, giant skeleton and bomb tower card along with it.

The elixir it is a vital resource that you must collect during your battle and it will used for the summon troops onto your battle fields. You can also able to collect gems in your game which is used to attack in your game fast.

Clash royale hack used to strengthen your troop

Think if  you want to get the legendary card then you want to collect more than hundred coins but if you use clash royale hack then you can able to get your cards easily. The hack tool will provide you an unlimited gems and it would get updated daily. It is easy to use and it has an anti ban security system with 100% virus free. Easy to download from the clash royale hack and so that you can able to collect more cards and trophies in the game.

If you collect 3000 trophies then you are the legend and it will help you to be stronger and by using cards you can able to upgrade your troops easily. This all will happen and you can able to enjoy your game when you get all the coins and gems easily by using the hack tool.

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