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Arcade games have been popular since the days of Pong and Pac Man. Back then, you had to go to a public arcade to play these games. Nowadays you have a choice, because you can play many of the same arcade games at home, on your PC, Mac, or gaming system. All of the speed of the arcade without the need to ever leave your house!

You have to be extremely fast to be able to play this online arcade-type game. The game is simple, but difficult to play. Your task is to keep your cursor, a tiny blue dot, safe from the exploding green balls. These spread outward from the red balls which appear at different places on your screen. You get extra points if you are able to touch a red ball, plus some of the green ones disappear. Lunatic starts slowly, with a single red ball sending the green ones outward, but the pace quickly picks up. More and more red balls begin appearing at random places on your screen, and the greens balls are flying all over the place. See how many points you can get before you get killed by one of the green balls.

Fast and Furious

The Fast and The Furious is a classic arcade racing game. You can play it in many arcades or buy the real thing for yourself. To play, sit in the arcade chair, grab the steering wheel, put your feet on the gas pedal and get ready to run the race of your life. You’ll feel like part of the action as you weave in and out of alleys, avoid pursuit and collect bonuses in a mad dash through the city. The game is suitable for all ages, though smaller children may not be able to reach and operate all of the controls. The adrenaline pumping speed of this game will satisfy even the choosiest racing game fan.

Arcade Shooting Gallery

The Arcade Shooting Gallery is made for the Nintendo Wii. For the most realistic arcade action, use this game with the Perfect Shot pistol accessory. To play, take on the role of either Tony or Melissa and explore a deserted carnival. You will have to stay alert if you are to survive this trip, as your character is frequently attacked by a host of creepy fairground inhabitants. Choose your weapon from the different ones available, including a bubble bomb blaster and a laser gun. Check out all five areas of the carnival to make sure you clear out the bad guys. If you aren’t quick they’ll get you first and it’s game over. Shoot them first and they’ll go down-maybe. Speed and attentiveness count in this game. Purchase it from video game retailers online or in person. Arcade Shooting Gallery is rated “E 10+” and is suitable for all players ages 10 and up.

Game Script: Lunatic

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Nintendo: Arcade Shooting Gallery

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