Tips for playing Guns of Boom

Have you wanted to play this immersive game but you do not know where to begin or how to navigate the game? This article will give you some tips to help you succeed in the game..

2. Make sure to aim at the Head

Headshot damages are much more effective compared to regular shots, particularly on rifles. It may take time to get the perfect aim, but damage is a guarantee, as well as earning more points. Note that even non-fatal headshots increases your points.

3. Increase your Kill records

Teams are always competing against each other to get more points, and there are bonuses killing multiple enemies without dying. When you kill two characters (double kills), you get 12 bonus points. For three kills (triple kills), you acquire 25 points.

What is the lesson here? Do your best to stay alive by keeping your head low, and use kill records that give your team extra points.

4. Utilize Grenades

Ah yes, the grenades. They are super useful in almost all states. If you come across the enemy face-to-face and they have a sniper rifle, just toss a grenade. If your ammo is over, simply toss a grenade. To get grenades you will most likely need a large amount of guns of boom gunbucks.

5. Play for your Teammates

A very important fact – play for and with your team, utilize groups, and work together to defeat the enemy. Do not be a lone wolf – stick with allies.

6. Open free chests and claim rewards

After every six hours, new free chests show up. Do not ignore them, because they guarantee you more first-aid kits, gun bucks and grenades.

7. Take optimum Positions

This is the main key to success. It is so important, that even one player having very low power and seemingly ordinary weapons is capable of finishing off a complete enemy team if he shoots them from a hard-to-reach place or reaches them from behind.

8. Pick Your Own Gun wisely

Various guns contain varied rates of fire, magazine sizes, base damage, scope zooms, and accuracy. Each gun comes with special traits as well: some ignite the enemy, others freeze enemies; and others can even steal life. Know their specific descriptions, pick new weapons as you play in battles, and know the weapon that corresponds to your playing style.

9. Take advantage of playing with Friends

Make it even more fun by calling your friends to your clan. Maximum success is dependent on all members of the team, and if you trust them, the results can get better.

10. Enhance Your Skillsets

Even if these tips are amazing, they will not assist you if you do not know how to play. Keep enhancing your skills; take optimal positions, practice your headshots and you can find it easier to enter semi-pro leagues.

If you have an interest in trying the game, go ahead and download it from the Android and Apple app stores!

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